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Welcome to Cathy Tveici’s Fine Art!

Presently I am working on a series of Cape May oil paintings. I am so inspired by Cape May’s beauty and it’s history. People love Cape May and my hope is that when they see one of my paintings it brings back the memories of happy times spent there. I want you to feel like you can walk into my paintings and relive a happy moment. The beaches are not the only reason people flock to Cape May; it’s the entire town that keeps people coming back. This is why I like to paint places that people love to visit. Everybody that visits has a favorite spot. Whether you got engaged at the top of the lighthouse, married in one of the beautiful churches, or just like taking a stroll around Lake Lily… Cape May has a way of stealing a piece of your heart. If one of my paintings manages to evoke a happy memory, then I’ve done my job!

If there is a special spot in Cape May that you would like to take home with you? Supply me with your favorite photo and I can create a custom oil painting! An oil painting will keep your memories fresh long after your vacation is over. Feel free to email me for details.


Giclée reproductions printed on stretched canvas. Giclée is enhanced by hand with oils & gels, signed and numbered. Each reproduction comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Each painting is created on stretched canvas using fine quality oils and love. Hopefully my originals will evoke happy memories of places enjoyed by family and friends.

To Place an Order Please Email CathysFineArt@gmail.com for details